History Of The Immigration Outreach Service Center

The Immigration Outreach Service Center (IOSC) at St. Matthew grew out of a parish development campaign. As St. Matthew prepared to celebrate its jubilee year, parishioners held House Meetings to develop a vision for our church and a plan to implement that vision. In the summer of 1999, some of those parishioners from St. Matthew formed the Immigration Action Committee (IAC).

The IAC consists mostly of foreign-born parishioner-volunteers. The committee held individual and house meetings, and training sessions from which potential leaders were identified. Leaders from St. Matthew Church and from two other congregations: Faith Presbyterian Church and the People's Congregation at All Saints Lutheran Church were recruited to join the efforts.

The Mission Of The Immigration Outreach Service Center

The Immigration Outreach Service Center, Inc. (IOSC) at St. Matthew Catholic Church is an independent non-profit organization (501C3) dedicated to serving Baltimore's immigrants regardless of immigration status, ethnicity, or religious affiliation.  Our mission is to partner with and empower immigrants in the Baltimore area to lead successful lives in the United States.  We are dedicated to being the hub from which our clients build the networks of relationships that best serve them.  In support of our Mission:

  • We provide a wide range of referral services. Our trained volunteers listen with compassion and competency and guide our clients to the local service providers they need.  These include legal services, health care services, housing information, assistance in finding educational and employment opportunities and food assistance.
  • We provide ongoing supportive relationships with our clients as needed. Our volunteers are available to follow up on services needed and to offer continued guidance and support.
  • We provide regular free health screenings and health education seminars.
  • We provide tutoring to immigrant children in elementary, middle, and high school. Tutoring is offered on Saturdays from 1PM – 3PM. Please call the office for registration information.
  • We provide job counseling for the unemployed and underemployed immigrants in our community
  • We offer seminars and updates on immigration issues. Please call the office for further information.
  • We provide opportunities for immigrants to come together to learn and grow, to organize, and to share information with one another.
  • We network with other community-based and religious organizations to improve the quality of life for immigrants living in the Baltimore area.

IOSC Goals and Objectives

  1. To assist immigrants in adjusting to the culture of the society.

  2. To communicate and share information, and discuss issues regarding immigration.

  3. To provide a forum whereby individuals with immigration issues are able to confidentially obtain assistance and interact with other immigrants.

  4. To provide health awareness sessions and clinics focusing on education, access to care, assessment, and referrals.

IOSC Staff

The IOSC is staffed by:

Pat Shannon Jones, Director

Elaine Crawford, Tutoring program and volunteer coordinator

Mary Ritter, Office Manager/Organizer Trainee
410-323-8564, Fax: 410-323-8598


President – Owen Charles Secretary – Paul Schlitz

Board of Directors

Owen Charles
Rosemary Mukira
Liliam Ferrera
Marvin Matute
Vania F. dos Passos
Salina Keino
Corenta Mukantamati

Rev. Joe Muth
Paul Schlitz
Rev. Ty Hullinger
Oge Ozo-Onyali
Immaculate Bishagara
Patience Ogee Ekeocha
James Chiracole

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